Fundraising Letter for Walking Water Pilgrimage

Dear Family, Friends, and Colleagues,

As some of you know I am seeking to return to my home valley, the Owens Valley. An exciting and meaningful way of beginning that return has opened up for me. It is the Walking Water Pilgrimage, my bio for the walk is listed here: and you may find out much more about the walk from As you can see from my bio I need to raise $2000.00 for the walk itself.

And I will need to raise some bit more for transportation and lodging on either end, but at the moment I must raise the $2000.00.

Please help me with the goal. As you look through the bios of the other walkers many wonderful people are going on the walk; including those who are responsible for the turnaround of Owens Valley fortunes in recent years.

One meaningful thing for me in this walk will be retracing my great-great grandparents Yaney’s footsteps when they entered the Owens Valley from Sonora after the Gold Rush. They originally set out for Los Angeles, but when they saw the beautiful valley they decided that was where they wanted to be.

However, the beauty of the valley that they saw was due to the Paiute people’s nearly ten thousand years of irrigation, working with the land and the wildlife to create a most wonderful Eden. An Eden that my ancestors severely destroyed killing many of the Paiute outright and others through starvation even before the Los Angeles Aqueduct took it away from them and further displaced the Paiute, thus creating significant environmental disasters in the valley. It is time to return that Eden. The Owens Valley is not “done, over with, forget it” as a northwest activist said to me once. The Owens Valley lives! As do its people.

The centenary of the Aqueduct was in 2013. And Owens Valley still struggles with the LA Department of Water and Power (LADWP); it is a struggle that we are having some modest successes with in recent years. Of course this struggle is made much more difficult with the drought. This is the first summer that the LADWP is not importing any water from the Owens Valley.

Please help me out with this. This can be your birthday present to me as I will be turning 60 on the walk. What I need is 30 of you to contribute $60.00 or 60 to contribute $30.00 with a few of you who are able to contribute $100.00 for the century of the Aqueduct and I will be able to fund my part of the walk. If I collect more than what I need for the walk itself those funds will be passed on to the other walkers.

You may contribute through this link: please note in the Additional Information section that this donation is for me, you can even wish me a happy birthday while doing so. And if you are not comfortable with on-line contributions you may send a check: Please make checks out to The WILD Foundation and mail Attention: Jennifer Meyer, 717 Poplar Ave, Boulder, Colorado 80304. Please note Walking Water and my name in the memo line.

Thank you all so very much,

Yaney LA MacIver