Resume Post


To return to the Owens Valley (my former home and birthplace): gain employment in there; join my new/former community in civic engagement for the Owens Valley in addressing the challenges ahead in the next century of the LA Aqueduct and beyond.
To that end I offer the following skills and competencies; work and civic engagement history:

Skills and Competencies

Organizational: Program management, event planning; meeting facilitation, presentation, and coordination, networking; canvassing; fundraising; volunteer coordination and training; campaigning; lobbying; booth staffing; phone banking; budget preparation; and public speaking

Communication: Producing organizational literature; newsletters, brochures, orders of service; process and safety documentation; training and certification plans; filing government paperwork; survey management; production reports

Computer: Experience with PCs and Macs; Microsoft Office Suite; Adobe; Database; maintenance, entry, editing, and reporting; Web publishing

Landfill and Recycling: Weigh station operator and load estimator, directed material to dumping locations for future park—Caesar Chavez Park—Berkeley CA; coordinated recycling operations at landfill and recycling centers; current Neighborhood Recycling Block Captain.

Facilities Management, Hospitality, and Food Service: Maintenance coordination: rental and contract services management; event coordination; reservations, calendar maintenance; staff scheduling; food/supplies ordering; wait staff; cash handling

Purchasing, Receiving, and Shipping: Inventory management, supply sourcing, ordering, shipping, receiving, and stocking

Education: B. A., English, University of California at Berkeley, March 1978

Work History

Corvallis, Oregon

2008-Present Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis (UUFC) Office Administrator

2007 Oregon State University Office of Student Involvement Office Assistant

2006-2007 Office Assistant at Environmental Engineering Services Inc. (EESI) McLellan Temporaries

2005-2006 Sustainable Industries Group (SIG) Technical Writer/Safety Coordinator

2003-2005 Oregon PeaceWorks (OPW) Program Director

2001-2002 Customer Engineering Coordinator (Electroglas) and Office Manager (Trico Electric) McLellan Temporaries

1993-2001 Hewlett-Packard Dispatch Coordinator Technical Writer Training Assistant Process Operator

1992-1993 H & R Block Tax Preparer

1992-1993 Comic News Advertising Sales Representative 

1988-1992 Janel Laboratories Materials Control Assistant

1986-1987 PM Stones Bakery Counterperson

1984-1985 Allann Brother’s Beanery

1980-present Domestic Engineer Household maintenance, support, and nuturance

Berkeley, California

1980-1981 Bay Cities Resource Recovery Depot
(BCRRD) Landfill Cashier and Clerk

Summer 1980 Denny’s Restaurant (Bishop , California) Assistant Manager

1979-1980 Berkley Environmental Development Corporation (BEDC) Landfill Recycling Manager

1978-1979 Wells Fargo Bank Safe Deposit Teller

1976-1977 Pacific Recycling and Environmental Education Project (PREEP) Recycling Center Manager

Victorville, California

Summers 1975 & 1976 Denny’s Restaurant Waitress

Summer 1974 McDonalds Counterperson

Summer 1973 Sears Roebuck Customer Service Representative

Civic Engagement

Current Memberships:

2014-Present Benton Food Freedom (BFF) Yes on 2-89 anti-GMO measure Volunteer and signature gatherer

2013-Present Owens Valley Committee Contributor and major donor for Slake

1999-Present KBOO Radio Monthly sustainer and sometimes major donor

1997-Present Mono Lake Committee Guardian of the Lake and Monthly Sustainer

1984-Present First Alternative Coop Grocery Store

Corvallis, Oregon

2002-Present Pacific Green Party Revitalized the Linn-Benton Chapter (2002), State Coordinating Committee Member (2011-2015), attended National Convention in 2012

Summer 2010 Bike4Peace 2010 Coordinated and participated in cross country bike trip from Oakland CA to Washington DC from July 24 to September 22 with former Member of Congress Cynthia McKinney and others

2004 No on 36 (against Oregon Defense of Marriage Coalition, anti-gay marriage measure) Phone banking/canvassing.

2001-2003 Benton County Bill of Rights Defense Committee Email list manager, meeting facilitator, volunteer

1999-2001 Corvallis Action on Globalization (CAG) Attended WTO protests in Seattle. Collaborated with other activists and coordinated teach-ins, town halls, fundraising events, and informational picketing; edited newsletter

1999-Present KBOO Radio Co-coordinated successful fundraising activities to bring a translator down to the Corvallis area; volunteered at pledge-drives, in staffing the KBOOth, and in planning local KBOO events; elected to the Board of Directors; programmer and participant in music and other radio programs

1992 No on 9 Against Oregon Citizens Alliance (OCA) anti-gay measure Phone banking/canvassing.

1988 & 1989 Cathedral Forest Action Group/Concert in the Forest Worked on planning 1988 and 1989 Concerts in the Forest: fundraising, trail building, booth staffing, maintaining kitchen, and coordinating volunteers.

1988-1992 Benton County Democratic Central Committee Conducted successful voter registration drives; campaigned for candidates; coordinated signature advertising campaign; staffed information booths, and participated in Get out the Vote (GOTV) and voter identification phone banks; Elected precinct committee person; attended State Nominating Conventions

1986-1992 Corvallis National Organization for Women (NOW) Participated in phone banking, information booth staffing, and canvassing; elected chapter president,facilitated meetings, coordinated volunteers, represented Corvallis Chapter on state conference planning committee, arranged meeting sites, program development and goal setting; worked against OCA’s ballot measure 8 (rescinding Governor Neil Goldschmidt’s anti-gay discrimination executive order) and continued as liaison/representative to After 8 (group formed after ballot measure passed) and Basic Rights Oregon beginning in 1989

1984 First Alternative Coop Elected to the Board of Directors

Berkeley, California

1981-1983 Grassroots Newspaper Wrote articles, assisted in layout and paste-up

1978 No on 6 Anti-Briggs Initiative (would have banned gays from teaching school in CA) Canvassing

1977 Humans Under Attack Committee (HUAC) Anita Bryant Florida Orange Juice Boycott Canvassing

1977 Pacific Recycling and Environmental Education Project Elected to the Board of Directors

Victorville, California

1972 Member Church and Society Committee Church of the Valley, Presbyterian, Apple Valley CA Worked on emerging environmental issues and draft counseling

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